/**/ Hot: Alajo Bomb Doc Fights NDC, NPP On Facebook Hot: Alajo Bomb Doc Fights NDC, NPP On Facebook

Hot: Alajo Bomb Doc Fights NDC, NPP On Facebook

The political project of the doctor at the center of caches of weapons in a health facility and ingredients for the production of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) at other locations has manifested in his social media posts.

In one of such posts on Facebook, he is captured asking Ghanaian youth to rise against the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC)—a revolutionary flavor present in most of his posts.

One of his posts states: “These two parties are killing Ghana slowly. I pray the youth of Ghana will rise against these two wolves. May the good Lord give strength.”

He was reacting to the presentation of 20 cars to the NDC by former President John Mahama in the run-up to the opposition party’s presidential primaries when he also asked: “Are we ready for another bout of loot and share?”

Take Action Ghana (TAG)

His call on Ghanaian youth to rise against officialdom ties in seamlessly with his pet project—Take Action Ghana (TAG)—which is busily mobilizing the youth and security agents to change Ghana.

With a target of GH¢685,200, TAG, through donations, has raised GH¢472,183 from ‘donatees’ as he gleefully captured the feat in his Facebook post.

On its website, TAG has some 5,569 members including police officers, teachers and engineers and still counting.

“TAG: Making Ghana A Better Place. Join Us Today” is the call for the membership of the youth TAG of which he is the founder.


The objective of TAG is “to mobilize Ghanaian citizens—both home and abroad—towards a common goal to make Ghana a better place for us and the generations to come.”

Continuing, it says TAG seeks to have individual members “to belong to a particular chapter such as tro-tro drivers, taxi drivers, civil servants, police, army, nurses, doctors, teachers, Ghanaians abroad, engineers, scientists, economists, finance, unemployed young graduates, pastors, clergy, imams, etc …’

TAG Security

It would be interesting to determine how many soldiers or police officers belong to TAG considering the fact that security personnel is by the nature of their professions barred from the membership of such groupings, let alone seen partaking in their activities.

It would be recalled that Information Minister Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, in his statement following the arrest of the Alajo Bomb Doctor, pointed at TAG as part of the destabilization web being spawned by Dr. Frederick Mac-Palm.

His arrest over the illegal production of IEDs and stockpiling of weapons at his Citadel Hospital at Alajo in Accra, coupled with the youth mobilization project of TAG, is one of the areas being looked into by intelligence personnel.

Close To Target

The objective of TAG, which was mentioned in the government statement on the arrest of the doctor and the blacksmith as mobilizing Ghanaian youth with a view to destabilizing the country, is subtly captured in one of his posts—“Mobilising Ghanaians. Making Ghana A Better Place Join Now”. He also posted: “We are close to our target.”

The doctor’s anti-establishment posts and reposting of stances repugnant to officialdom speak volumes about his project.

The posts of the US-trained medical doctor are carefully crafted to conceal his political inclination hence his aversion to the two political parties—NDC and NPP.

He appears to have the inclination for a revolution with TAG as the backbone.

Deleted Stuff

His Facebook page is replete with many deleted segments that suggest censoring by Facebook managers.

The investigators in the weapons case are reported to be in possession of ample evidence from social media communications, among others.

He has posted stuff such as the ‘Drop That Chamber’ from a soldier and the ‘Zuma Is A Thief’ outburst from a female South African legislator, among others, on his Facebook page.

On 13th July when Sam George and an NPP person were engaged in polemics, he reacted thus “that is what all these two parties and their members do. The sad thing is that we sit and watch their concerts after the election period. Really sickening!”

Should We Continue?

His reaction to the report about rusty motorized tricycles purchased for the Savannah Accelerated Development Authority (SADA) on July 13 was “something must be wrong with us if we really want to continue on this tangent as a people.”

In Love With Soyinka

He appeared to have fallen with award-winning Nigerian anti-establishment poet and critic—Prof. Wole Soyinka—when he posted on is page the man’s remarks: “It is only in Africa where thieves regroup to loot again and the youth whose future is being stolen will be celebrating.”

Where Are We Going?

His November 9, 2018 post reads: “Folks, is this our motherland Ghana? Where are we heading with all these? I do not think we should blame the current government alone for these unfortunate occurrences. These situations are seen in both NDC/NPP regimes alternatively. Our heads of public services make the situations even worse. I keep saying that we need a serious mindset change so as to RESTRUCTURE our governance system before situations as such escalate to serious ones that we may not be able to control. We are slowly but surely getting there folks. It’s really a sad commentary.”

It Is A Plot

His remark “It is a plot” when he was leaving a court on Tuesday had people thinking about what he meant.

Court Case

Dr. Frederick Yao Mac-Palm alongside Ezor Kafui, a local weapon manufacturer (blacksmith), and Bright Allan Debrah Ofosu, aka BB or ADC, are being tried for their roles in the stockpile of arms retrieved from the Citadel Hospital at Alajo in Accra last Friday.

Their arrests have sparked heated debate over the motives of the suspects, as some sections of the public are even mocking the entire episode.

The government has, however, insisted that the busted stockpile of arms was intended for an attack on the Presidency, and a subsequent overthrow of the government.

The accused persons are facing a total of five charges—all in connection with the deadly explosives and ammunition they were caught with.

Together with the three, as well as one suspects only identified as Suley, are facing two counts of conspiracy to manufacture arms and ammunition, and unlawful possession of explosives and firearms.

Kafui is facing an additional count of manufacturing arms and ammunition without lawful authority.

He has further accused of manufacturing 22 explosives hence another count of manufacturing firearms and ammunition without lawful authority.

Dr. Frederick Yao Mac-Palm is also facing another count of possession of explosives and firearms—22 explosives, six pistols, three grenades and five pieces of ammunition without lawful authority.
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