/**/ Don’t fight, kill yourselves over NPP, NDC – Mustapha Hamid Don’t fight, kill yourselves over NPP, NDC – Mustapha Hamid

Don’t fight, kill yourselves over NPP, NDC – Mustapha Hamid

The Minister for Inner City and Zongo Development, Mustapha Abdul-Hamid has stressed the need for political tolerance among people in Zongo communities.

According to the Minister, the Zongo youth must channel their energies and resources towards fighting poverty and ignorance, and not over artificial things like political parties.

”Many of us don’t get to choose our religion because for the majority of us, we are born as Moslems. You will find very few people who are converts. Either from Islam to Christianity or from Christianity to Islam. So such things we cannot do anything about them. But there are artificial ones also. Like NDC and NPP,” he said.

The minister, while making reference to past political parties opined that, “when I was born, there was no NDC and NPP in Ghana. Then later when I was around 8 years, there came PNP UNC, PFP. All those parties suddenly don’t exist again. You can imagine in 1979, if somebody had killed another because of PFP, and PNP, we would say today, the person died a stupid death because those parties no more exist. So today, if you attack somebody, or hate somebody because the fellow is either NDC or NPP, it’s useless. It is a terrible waste of your time and emotions.”

The Minister made these comments at the launch of the Zongo Skills Project held at the Nima-Mamobi Community Library on the Kanda Highway.

The project is the brain child of the Initiative for Youth Development, (IYD) with support from the Ministry of Inner City and Zongo Development and other development partners to provide 100,000 jobs to Zongo youth across the country.
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