/**/ NAM1 has devised a strategy not to pay customers – Lawyer alleges NAM1 has devised a strategy not to pay customers – Lawyer alleges

NAM1 has devised a strategy not to pay customers – Lawyer alleges

Lawyer for aggrieved customers of Menzgold, Amanda Clinton, has alleged that Nana Appiah Mensah (NAM 1), CEO of Menzgold, has no plans of paying back locked-up investments of customers of the embattled gold dealership company.

According to her, NAM1 has launched a media campaign which is focused on diverting people’s attention from him and their locked-up monies.

There has been a video circulating on social media that suggests that Lawyer Ace Ankomah and Dr. KK Amoah were involved in a deal between Dubai based company, Horizon Royal Diamonds and NAM1 as lawyers of Horizon.

The video according to Lawyer Amanda Clinton was an attempt by NAM1 and his team to gather public hate for Lawyer Ankomah and Dr. Amoah thereby taking people’s minds off the main issue.

“Yesterday, his people managed to playback things about Ace Ankomah and they mixed truth with fabrication because he wasn’t Horizon’s lawyer during the NAM1’s thing” she explained.

According to her, NAM1 and his team have a plan to go after the many who have called out the Menzgold CEO and described the activities of his company as a ponzy scheme.

“ NAM1 and his team didn’t like anyone that called his business ponzy,so they have a strategy I am sure they will be working with. So you heard this from me, if you see all of a certain different names being linked to things, they will be using a media campaign,” she said

“We have to be focused and concentrate on getting the money because this is a man who could raise that huge sum of money for his bail so why couldn’t he put a pesewa for the people.” she quizzed.

Speaking exclusively toThe Ghana Report, Lawyer Amanda Clinton asked all customers of Menzgold to stay focused and not fall for any of NAM1 and his team’s antics to divert their attention.
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