/**/ #WorldRadioDay: Experts highlight community radio as tool for development #WorldRadioDay: Experts highlight community radio as tool for development

#WorldRadioDay: Experts highlight community radio as tool for development

Celebrated every February 13th, and now in its eighth year following its declaration by UNESCO in 2012, World Radio Day places an emphasis on radio as a medium which raises awareness as well as strengthens the networking among broadcasters.

It is an occasion that draws attention to the unique value of radio, which remains the medium that reaches the widest audience and is currently taking up new technological forms and devices.
Communication experts advocate for more focus on radio, particularly community radio, as a tool for development and fostering of peace and unity.

In his message to mark this year’s celebration, which is themed ‘Dialogue, Tolerance and Peace,’ United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres noted that even in today’s world of digital communications, radio still reaches more people than any other media platform.

“It conveys vital information and raises awareness on important issues. And it is a personal, interactive platform where people can air their views, concerns, and grievances. Radio can create a community
This year, UNESCO has encouraged all countries to celebrate by undertaking activities with diverse partners, such as national, regional and international broadcasting associations and organizations, non-governmental organizations, media organizations, outlets as well as the public at large.


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