/**/ Form three girl who died by suicide left a note -Kenyan police Form three girl who died by suicide left a note -Kenyan police

Form three girl who died by suicide left a note -Kenyan police

 Police have recovered a suicide note allegedly belonging to a Form three girl who died by suicide at Tala Girls, Machakos county.

A nylon rope and a head scuff were also recovered from the crime scene.

According to those who read the suicide note left behind by the girl, the girl blamed the school administration for not believing that she was not the one who took her colleague's belongings(a bundle of pencils and some amount of money).

This girl was accused of stealing some things belonging to a colleague. she denied the allegation and made it known to the school body that she had nothing to do with the missing items but no one seemed to take her word for it. So upon constant shaming and pressure from the school authority to produce the missing items, she made a decision and this was what happened afterwards. 

"After being asked by the deputy principal,  she promised to bring the items.   The deceased looked for the prefect of her dormitory during break time, took the keys and went to  the dormitory to bring the items to the deputy principal," the police report reads in part. "The student took long to come back thus making the deputy suspicious and proceeded to the dormitory in the company of three other students only to find the lifeless body hanging from the roof rafters of the second floor of one of the dormitories bathroom," it added.

And this is what she wrote:

"I explain something,  you create your own. I told you guys that I'm not responsible for the lost pencils, but you still believe in your own instincts that I am the one," the note seen by the Star reads in part.

"Well, only God knows. Since I don't want to cause more trouble in this school and make my mom suffer again because of me, let me cut off. May God bless you for always encouraging me bye bye, coming to meet you dad.

"For my mum, bye and I really love you so much. You occupy half of my heart while bro occupies another half. I hope that God may bless the work of your hands and also pray that my bro can succeed in his KCPE. I beg, pray and hope that you will not involve my mum in this because she can die very soon and she still has some tasks to do for my siblings. Hope so mother," the note reads.

Autopsy results revealed that the girl died from suffocation.
The girl's death was reported at Tala police station under OB NO: 37/8/2022 as a suicide incident.
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