/**/ JoyNews reveals how GRA staff help organizations offering for agreements to dodge measures JoyNews reveals how GRA staff help organizations offering for agreements to dodge measures

JoyNews reveals how GRA staff help organizations offering for agreements to dodge measures


JoyNews examinations have uncovered how some staff of the Ghana Revenue Authority help organizations offering for agreements to dodge set down techniques in the obtaining charge freedom declarations for them. 

With an insignificant amount of ¢1,500 authorities can produce charge records for recently made organizations with next to no proof of work. 

With the information on utilizing fake business organization, the analytical correspondent moved toward the GRA staff we have chosen to call Maame to aid the obtaining of a duty freedom declaration.

She demonstrated that once I need a duty leeway declaration I will be needed to set aside an installment. 

"A freedom endorsement with the VAT record, would cost you ¢1,500," she clarified. 

She further gave a knowledge into how the organization functions.

"We are shy of endorsements, at the same time, a few workplaces have it. The people who work on that timetable, have accumulated it. That is the reason it costs that much," she added. 

She demonstrated that the justification for why she was unable to get me an expense leeway authentication at her office is that 'it's a severe setting". 

"However, I would utilize another office which is the Agbogbloshie GRA office which is careless to deal with it for you," she uncovered. 

In under three days, my expense leeway declaration for scarcely seven days old business was prepared.

A brief glance at the report with the engraving – charge leeway declaration – and its qualities would make look like genuine. Yet, everything about it is produced. 

It was ready by GRA staff at Agbogbloshie office covering three years of evaluation and VAT endorsement. It peruses… "temporarily not responsible to burden, store ¢500. 

This should assist insightful group with getting an administration contract effortlessly. 

Top of the Domestic Tax Revenue Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority, Edward Gyamerah, said charge leeway endorsement is a consistence apparatus which the GRA uses to guarantee a citizen has consented to their expense commitments.

"When an expense freedom testament is given to you, it implies you have agreed with your duty commitments to the state," he added. 

Addressing the JoyNews uncover, he said once a singular registers an organization, they are needed to enroll with the Ghana Revenue Authority. 

"Whenever you have enrolled the organization, you can place in a solicitation for an assessment freedom testament to execute business," he clarified. 

He, nonetheless, demonstrated that it's fake for a recently made organization to be put in an image recommending they have been paying duty when that is not the situation.

He demonstrated that they will explore to build up how the expense freedom authentication was given and "in case it's discovered it was done deceitfully, approvals will be applied to the assessment official and the organization."

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