/**/ Against LGBTQ+ charge: CNN remark ascribed to me is bogus, doesn't reflect genuine substance – Archbishop Naameh Against LGBTQ+ charge: CNN remark ascribed to me is bogus, doesn't reflect genuine substance – Archbishop Naameh

Against LGBTQ+ charge: CNN remark ascribed to me is bogus, doesn't reflect genuine substance – Archbishop Naameh


Leader of the Ghana Catholic Bishops Conference, Archbishop Philip Naameh, is separating himself from certain cases with respect to his situation on different religions in the questionable Anti-LGBTQ bill. 

The issue under conflict was contained in a CNN distribution that chronicled the uneasiness encompassing the enactment of the draft. 

While specifying the state of LGBTQ+ people, the global media source in an October 8, distribution requested the perspective on the Archbishop where he imparted the Church's position on the matter.

Most pastors in the nation have effectively communicated their hatred for the demonstration. 

On the off chance that the Promotion of Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values Bill is passed, people who take part in the said practice could look as long as five years detainment.

In any case, the Archbishop was cited to have added another contention which has drawn in some reaction from a segment of the general population. 

Extending in his contention dependent on reproduction, he purportedly let CNN know that "the people who are advancing gays and lesbians won't have kids by any stretch of the imagination, and inside a brief time frame no one ought to be astonished that Muslims will turn into a larger part in this nation and announce it an Islamic state."

A part of Ghanaians has responded to this, particularly when Islamic priests have joined the Church in fortitude to push for the bill's entry. 

In any case, the priest said the declaration is bogus and a determined endeavor to dishonor the continuous push for LGBTQ criminalisation.

“The statement attributed to me is false and does not in any way reflect the actual content of the conversation which has to do with the church’s support of the bill,” he said at a press conference in Accra on Monday, October 11.

“The position of the Catholic Church on LGBTQIA+, which I have stated in several interviews with the media, including Upfront on Joy News and in an interview with Citi FM last week, has remained the same; that, such practices are against not only Christian values but Muslim and Traditional values as well.”

He believes the move forms part of efforts by some persons to “court disaffection and break the force of formidable coalition behind the bill.”

Archbishop Naameh called on all to disregard “the fabrications and distortions.”

"For sure, this load of years, the Catholic Bishops' Conference has demanded shared coordinated effort among Christians, Moslems, Traditional Leaders and any remaining Faith-Based Organizations in the country for serene conjunction and the benefit of everyone," he added. 

Parliament's Committee on Constitutional and Legal Affairs has gotten more than 120 notices outfitted towards molding the bill. 

Defenders say they have the staggering help of Ghanaians, one reason they are pushing that it be passed speedily. 

Be that as it may, patrons of the memoranda against the enactment portray the bill as a support of state-supported brutality against minority gatherings and an encroachment on their basic freedoms.

Segments of the bill likewise propose a rundown conviction to a term of detainment of at least five years and not over ten years for "an individual who, by utilization of media, mechanical stage, innovative record or some other means, produces, obtains, markets, communicates, spreads, distributes or circulates a material for reasons for advancing a movement denied under the Bill, or an individual uses an electronic gadget, the Internet administration, a film, or some other gadget equipped for electronic capacity or transmission to create, secure, market, broadcast, disperse, distributes or appropriate a material for motivations behind advancing an action restricted under the Bill."

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