/**/ Africa can catch up with development in 25years, not 250years envisaged by experts — Otabil Africa can catch up with development in 25years, not 250years envisaged by experts — Otabil

Africa can catch up with development in 25years, not 250years envisaged by experts — Otabil

 Pastor Mensa Otabil

The 2021 Greater Works Conference organized by the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) says it is possible for Africa to use 25 years to catch up with development instead of 250 years as envisaged by experts.

Speaker on the final day of the 3-day event, General Overseer of ICGC, Pastor Mensa Otabil believe it is possible with a new generation.

“It is Africa’s time, a new generation is being born, the Joshua generation.”

The Theologian said God will work a cosmological miracle and shift things massively in favour of Africa.

He declared, the dreams of African greats like Dr. Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, Dr. Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia, Julius Nyerere of Tanzania, Ahmed Sekou Toure of Guinea, Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, leopold sedar senghor of Senegal will be fulfilled.

Pastor Otabil was hopeful the scourge where Africans disgracefully queue behind embassies to seek greener pastures will soon be over because the continent will soon come out of its 3rd world status.


“I believe in God and Africa that the same God who Joshua talked to extend time can shrink time,” he said.

Preaching on the sermon titled “This Is My Moment” he told the congregation, the world is sitting at a point in history designed for them.

Pastor Otabil continued his biblical account of how the Israelites defeated the Amorites by reading Joshua 10:11-14.

He recalled how Joshua made a case to God to allow the sun and moon to stand still to conclude the assignment of defeating the Amorites.

The motivational speaker said if God gives assignment and time is threatening it, God will come in to adjust the system of the earth so time will not be against you.

“God will not allow is assignment for you to be cut off by time so if you do what Joshua did, God will give you permission” he said.

He ended the conference in Accra with a call on young Africans to fulfill the dreams of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, Dr. Kaunda, Julius Nyere and other African greats men to accelerate the continent’s development.

The last day of the conference also saw song ministration by lumina and various choirs from ICGC.

This year’s Greater works conference was resized to three days from the usual 5-day event following measures announced to address the spread of coronavirus.

The church presbytery also cut down the service time to two hours in line with presidential directives and put together a strict adherence to Covid protocols at the venue ground to ensure the safety of all members.

Greater Works Conference returns next year bigger better and greater.

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