/**/ Anas, BBC Saga: Kweku Annan Breaks Long Silence (HOT AUDIO) Anas, BBC Saga: Kweku Annan Breaks Long Silence (HOT AUDIO)

Anas, BBC Saga: Kweku Annan Breaks Long Silence (HOT AUDIO)

Investigative Journalist and Host of Popular tv Show The Seat on Net 2 television has finally broken his long silence on reports regarding BBC’s rejection of Anas’ proposal to investigate corruption in the UK. My News Ghana reports.

The news item headlined: BBC rejects Anas’s proposal to investigate corruption in the UK claimed that Anas was stopped from investigating “The UK political class (leaders and politicians) who influence/facilitate, or benefit from the continuous looting of Africa’s resources?; Corruption and match-fixing in the English Premier League; and racial abuses in UK universities (focusing on lecturers and university authorities).”

It also accused BBC of telling Anas that “the exposé will not be in the interest of the BBC and that of the UK.”

Meanwhile, Kweku Annan has purported that the fake news was been pushed by the man himself (Anas). Kweku Annan further alleged in audio available to My News Ghana that Anas and his master Kwaku Baako scripted the false news to cover up embarrassments and evil deeds exposed on the Seat Show on NET 2 Television.

“America, Britain, France, and all developed countries don’t need Anas and Kweku for anything. These are countries with good systems in place. The agenda is to use one of our own to destroy our political system.  Most of these Western countries have ways of entering into a country and destroying their systems by using one of their own people.” The myth about Anas is broken, the myth about Anas is gone.

“We need to wise up as Ghanaians and rise against the evil deeds of Anas and his boss.” Kweku Annan said.


Listen to the Audio Below:

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