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Scams Every Ghanaian Should Be Aware Of

These streets are not safe, and as such, you should be careful not to fall into a fraud.

Here are 3 scams you should be aware of;

1. Scholarship fraud

Earning a scholarship is the best thing that can ever happen to any student, especially the bright and needy ones.

However, there’re lots of scammers out there who take advantage of such situations and con such people in dire need of scholarships.

If you come across a scholarship that’s open to everyone, requires you to pay for the application fee, asks you for your financial information, doesn’t have contact information, and one that guarantees success once you apply, chances are it is fake.

2. Online shopping

As much as the internet has helped our lives in leaps and bounds, it can also make you a victim of fraud.

Online shopping scams usually involve scammers masquerading as legitimate sellers, then end up conning you big time.

For instance, a scammer will post an item for sale on a free to all site, at a low price that will catch a buyer’s attention.

After having a chat with the “seller”, he or she will give you details on the meetup location so you can pick-up your product.

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Once you show up, you will find a gang who’ll attack and rob you off your belongings, leaving you with nothing.

In some instances, the seller will give you a fake or stolen item, especially if they’re electronics.

To avoid being a victim of such, ensure you use a reliable site, do your research on the site, check customer’s reviews, and if the offer is too good to be true, think twice.

3. Job scam

With unemployment still being at a high rate in Ghana, most people are so desperate to get jobs and in the long run, some get scammed.

Most scammers will ask you to pay a certain fee as a job application process.

Others will invite you for an interview then ask for registration/training fee, after which you will never hear from them again.

To avoid being a victim of such, do not pay money for interviews, pay attention to the location of the interview, ensure the salary and job description match, seek services of career consultants/companies, and most importantly do research on the company.
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