/**/ ‘Killers’ chase Opambour’s aide over gay comments ‘Killers’ chase Opambour’s aide over gay comments

‘Killers’ chase Opambour’s aide over gay comments

Threats of murder, physical harm and kidnapping have enveloped the life of Moratt Eugene, a close aide of popular televangelist Rev. Opambour Ebenezer Adarkwah Yiadom, for calling on the police to protect gays and lesbians and promoting an anti-homophobic campaign on the radio.

Moratt, also an architect by profession, about a fortnight ago, was quoted to have said on the radio that the security services should arrest and prosecute anyone who physically attacks or makes a hate speech against gays and lesbians in the Ashanti Region.

Following that statement, Moratt has had his private residence broken into at night by unknown persons in what seemed like a robbery attack.

His wife has also been stopped in traffic while driving and told in the face literally that her husband would get killed if he continues to speak in favor of persons involved in gayism and lesbianism.

The scariest of the threats that have pushed Moratt Eugene to run to the police for cover happened Sunday night when an unknown person dropped a note at his residence which read:

“We were here to kill your wife so you yourself become gay when she dies. You have decided to be protecting their interest so there is no need for you to have a wife. On Monday we would kidnap your children from school just to teach you a lesson. Shut up and mind your business”.

A physically shaken Moratt Eugene, after reading the note, spoke to the New Publisher just after he sought protection from the police: “I have been receiving similar threats from unknown people for the past weeks and now they are bringing it on my wife and children.

“This is not our culture, we practice a free speech system so I expect every well-meaning Ghanaian to speak against this. Any criminal can hide and take advantage of this to harm me or my family,” Moratt noted.

He explained the context in which he called for police protection for persons of same-sex preference.

“I have not shifted from my position that reports of rising violent attacks against suspected gays and lesbians are barbaric and no civilized society does that.

If our laws are against homosexuality, let the same laws deal with homosexuals. No person has the right to attacks another human being based on the victim’s sexual preference.

“Even as a Christian community, we are to love gays and lesbians but dislike the act and practice of gaysim. We should be seen to be protecting them rather than promoting hate for them,” Moratt Eugene explained.

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