/**/ 63% of women in churches in Tema, Accra sexually harassed – Report 63% of women in churches in Tema, Accra sexually harassed – Report

63% of women in churches in Tema, Accra sexually harassed – Report

6.3% out of every 10 women in faith-based organizations in Accra and Tema metropolis have been sexually harassed, a Research conducted by Dr. Ishmael Norman has revealed.

According to the report, this is attributable to the fact that most of these ignorant women are taken advantage of by charlatans who claim to be pastors in their [women] quest to seek prosperity from God.

“Some of these women sow sexual seeds for salvation and blessings of God,” Dr. Norman added.

He made the revelation on Starr News while commenting on the BBC Africa Eye’s “Sex for grade” exposé which captured two Lecturers of the University of Ghana, Prof. Ransford Gyampo and Dr. Paul Butakor Professor Gyampo captured in excerpts of the video making “numerous inappropriate demands” from undercover journalists who posed as students.

The researcher cum lawyer further revealed that the sexual harassment phenomenon is equally high in the various Medical Schools in the country.

“In the Medical schools in Ghana, Legon, UDS, KNUST, and Cape Coast the prevalence rate is extremely high and it continues all the way to their horsemanship. In tertiary institutions, the prevalence rate is about 25%.”

Ask what accounts for this situation, Dr. Norman responded “If I pay you fees I sleep with you if I give you extra time academically and teach you in the medical schools that is the case. This is terrible because human beings have commodified everything in terms of kindness, the sense of helping each other is missing from our country. The moral quality that binds us together is reciprocity if I do something for you, you do the same for me. If I teach you I sleep with you, that is what is going on. The morality of this country is shattered and it is shattered by the adults and not the youth.”
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