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Breaking! Facebook, Twitter look-alike launched in Ghana

The information available to My News Ghana has it that Ghana has finally gotten its own social media and networking platform which is the combination of facebook and twitter. The good news is that its web-based platform has been launched today, 30th September 2019 and has become the talking point of every household in Ghana.

We gathered that FUNBOOO has started making tremendous waves. Below is the full press release copied to My News Ghana.

By this press release, it is our greatest pleasure here in Ghana to announce to the world through the media that Funbooo, the giant Social Networking site has been officially launched online today, 30th September 2019.
Briefly, Funbooo is a web-based and mobile application Social Media and Networking medium. It is the world’s giant social media because it is the combination of facebook and twitter.

At FUNBOOO we say the giant shakes off your worries and connect you with friends and family worldwide. It has extra outstanding features that no other social media have.

FUNBOOO seeks to put a broad and deep smile or laughter on the faces of people globally. FUNBOOO makes its users laugh off their worries, share moments, learn, motivated, know the trends and experience total transformation.

The platform allows its users to share all kinds of videos, images, and movies, except pornographic materials. FUNBOOO lists of content needed to be shared on its platform include; Funny videos/pictures, Salvation message videos, Motivation videos/pictures, Inspiration videos/pictures, Educating videos, News in text and videos, Amazing discovery videos, Sports videos, and many others.

FUNBOOO is hinged on the following pillars; Entertainment, Information sharing, Preaching the gospel, Communication, News, Motivation, Inspiration and E-commerce (selling and buying ) Jobs finding, and many more to come.

The mission of FUNBOOO is to give individuals and organizations the power to create a positive and more engaging online community around their sphere of operation.
Please note, Funbooo has disabled some of its new and core features because we want our users to get themselves acquainted with the basic social media features.

We also extend our gratitude to Digitrust Ghana, Ghana’s giant IT firm for building such a wonderful platform.

Thanks and God bless Ghana and you all.
For interview and partnership Contact Us: info@funbooo.com

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