/**/ Confusion in Ellembelle NDC, as group spits fire over disqualification move Confusion in Ellembelle NDC, as group spits fire over disqualification move

Confusion in Ellembelle NDC, as group spits fire over disqualification move

The decision by the Vetting Committee (VC) of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to put on hold the fate of one of the aspirants who filed his nomination form to contest the Parliamentary primary of the party in the Ellembelle constituency in the western region has sparked pandemonium.

Miezah Alleah, one of the candidates challenging the sitting Member of Parliament (MP) and former Petroleum Minister, Emmanuel Armah Kofi Buah had his vetting suspended following a number of petitions filed against him.

The petitioners who are delegates accused Miezah Alleah of forging their signatures endorsing his nomination form. This led to the VC suspend the vetting of potential aspirant Miezah Alleah.

But the supporters of the suspended aspirant who are also delegates are up in arms against the party Vetting Committee for what they described as an unfair attempt to disqualify their candidate.

Mieza Alleah chances of contesting the incumbent NDC Member of Parliament (MP) at the party primaries in Ellembelle, Emmanuel Armah Kofi Buah is slim following series of petitions filed against him on the day of vetting.

Information available to this paper indicates that following the allegation of forgery of signature levelled against the Miezah Alleah, his vetting was put on hold and ordered to file a written response to the petition.

Miezah Alleah’s other contender, Emmanuel Armah Kofi Buah who is the sitting MP and a former Minister of Petroleum was cleared to contest the primary.

Two weeks after the candidate wrote his response to the petition denying the allegation levelled against him, the Vetting Committee has still not cleared the candidate leaving the latter chances of contesting the primary in limbo.

It is as a result of this that supporters and delegates who tilt to the side of the candidate have served notice to exhaust every legitimate avenue for their candidate to contest the primary.

Addressing a press conference in Essiama, the Spokesperson of the group who described themselves as ‘Concern NDC’ said they could not understand why after weeks Miezah Alleah wrote denying the petition filed against him, the VC had not come out to set the record straight-whether or not to clear him.

The group believe the silence of the VC was a matter of concern and that the earlier the committee comes out, the best in the interest of the party.

Spokesperson for the group, Mathias Kwaw at the press conference stated that the group would reject any attempt to disqualify their candidate in order to allow the sitting MP go solo.

‘We wish to express our disapproval and disappointment of attempts by some self-seeking party executives from the constituency through to the National level to suppress the voice of democracy in the party in the Ellembelle constituency’.

He said the Vetting recently held at a resort owned by the sitting MP was a clear indication that there was an attempt to frustrate their candidate-Miezzah Aleah from contesting the MP at primary.

Attempt to frustrate their candidate was therefore set into motion when he (Alleah) was served with four petitions just some few minutes to the vetting proceedings.

In the petition, the Spokesperson told the conference that their candidate was accused of forging delegates signatures on his nomination form.

Mathias Kwaw added though Miezah Aleah who the petition was filed against was ready to respond accordingly, he was stopped from doing so on grounds that he needed to write a formal response to the petition.

Consequently, the vetting was put on hold and referred to Accra.

Mathias Kwaw flanked by his other executives continued and told the conference that though Miezah Alleah did write a written response denying the allegation of forgery of signature against him and consequently served the National Chairman on the 26th of July, to date the party VC had remain silence.

The silence of the VC according to the group has given rise to suspicion that the Committee was scheming to disqualify Miezah Alleah.

As a result, the group has served a strong notice to use legitimate means such as court action to stop the VC from declaring the incumbent MP as an unopposed candidate to contest the party primary. PIC: The group addressing the press conference.
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