/**/ 75-year-old woman ‘buried alive’ at Wiawso 75-year-old woman ‘buried alive’ at Wiawso

75-year-old woman ‘buried alive’ at Wiawso

The life of a 75-year-old woman was cut short when she was mauled to death by a tractor clearing a piece of land for a school project.

Madam Adwoa Fomwaa, a resident of Wiawso, a farming community near Obuasi in the Ashanti region was harvesting her crops to pave way for the school project when the tractor covered her with a heap of sand.

Son of the deceased, Peter Dwamena, popularly known as Kwame Bronya, confirmed the incident on Adom FM’s morning show, Dwaso Nsem programme, Friday.

Mr Dwamena, who farms close to his mother, said he rushed to the scene on hearing the shouts of people only to find her lifeless body under the heap of sand.

He explained that he heard the shouts of people alerting his mother to leave the farm when the tractor was approaching but she couldn’t do so on time, leading to her death.

Mr Bronya also said a close observation of his mother’s body showed that she had injuries on her face, neck and arms due to the speed with which the tractor mauled her.

He is convinced if the tractor operator were a little careful, his mother would have been saved.

Meanwhile, some irate youth of the area are threatening a revenge attack.

The youth have threatened to burn the tractor for what they described as carelessness of the operator.

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