/**/ Teacher arrested for CHOPPING 17-year-old student inside biology lab (Leaked) Teacher arrested for CHOPPING 17-year-old student inside biology lab (Leaked)

Teacher arrested for CHOPPING 17-year-old student inside biology lab (Leaked)

A 28-year-old teacher, Idowu Daniel has been arrested the Nigerian police command for allegedly raping one of his female students inside the school’s biology laboratory.

According to the police report, Daniel first made sexual advances at the victim on Thursday, June 27th when he asked her to come to the laboratory where he told her that she failed the Computer and Mathematics examinations and promised to increase her marks if she had s£x with him.

He allegedly made s£xual overtures at her and even fondled her breasts.

The victim stormed out of the laboratory in anger. The next day Friday June 28th, Daniel again ordered the victim to come to the laboratory.


There he locked the door and allegedly had s£x with her forcefully.

Three days later, Daniel allegedly called for her to come and see him in the laboratory.

There he demanded s£x again.

The victim reported the matter to the school principal and he was arrested by men of the Isokoko division, Agege, Lagos.

Narrating what happened to the police, the victim said:

“On Thursday, June 27, 2019, my computer science teacher sent a pupil to me to bring my note to the biology lab. As he was marking the note, he stopped and started pressing my breasts. I told him I didn’t like it and he asked me to go.


“On Friday, he sent another pupil to me that I should bring my note to the lab. When I got there, he stood up and closed the door. I asked him why he locked the door, but he did not say anything. He went back to his seat and started marking my note. Before I knew what was happening, he grabbed me from the back.

He covered my mouth and raped me. He then asked me to go. On Monday, he asked me to bring my computer science note again to the chemistry lab. He said if I allowed him to have s£x with me again, he would increase my marks in both mathematics and computer science exams. He said I did not perform well in his subject. I told him that I was not interested.”

The victim told the police that Daniel threatened to deal with her if she ever reported him to the police.

She, however, summoned up courage and informed the principal of all that has been happening to her.

The suspect, however, denied having s£x with her.

He claimed he only fondled her breasts.

According to him, a male student named Samuel had initially reported her to him with claims that she exposed her breasts to male students in the class.

“While I was at the principal’s office, showing the principal the reshuffled examination timetable, she came for the marking of her note. I said I was busy and she waited for me outside. As I was going to the staff room, she walked up to me and presented her book for marking. I stopped by at the biology laboratory to mark it and I asked her about what Samuel told me. She initially kept mute. When I said I would report her to her parents, she confirmed that what the boy told me was true.

I sent for her the next day and she came. I tried to have s£x with her but I couldn’t penetrate. I asked her whether she was a virgin and she said yes. I felt for her being a virgin and I stopped. I was at home when policemen came to ask for me. They took me to the school and accused me of rape. I accepted that I touched her breasts, but I didn’t rape her.” he said

Daniel has since been charged to court by the police. The charge sheet filed before an Ogba Magistrates’ Court, reads.

“That you, Idowu Daniel, on June 27, 2019, at 9.25 am in the Biology lab, at Anatasia Comprehensive College, Abule-Egba, Lagos State, in the Ikeja Magisterial District, did unlawfully defile a 17-year-old girl by inserting your p£nis into her v*gina, thereby committing an offence punishable under Section 137 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State of Nigeria, 2015,”
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