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Let’s scrap Black Stars winning bonus

Ex-Ghana Football Association boss, Dr Nyaho Nyaho-Tamakloe is advocating for a complete abolishing of the winning bonus syndrome in the Black Stars.
He argued that the practice where heavy sums of money are devoted to the payment of bonuses to the Black Stars have not yielded any positive results over the years.

Due to that he wants it discarded for a system that would rather reward the players for their commitment and dedication to the country.

Speaking to Graphic Sports Online in an interview about the recent Black Stars budget, the veteran football administrator said a more sustainable means of rewarding the players should be instituted to replace this outmoded one where huge cash is used to entice players.

He said the current system has made the national team a place where players come to make some 'cool cash' unlike their clubs abroad where the work to earn whatever amount paid them.

According to Dr Nyaho-Tamakloe recent experiences have proven that money does not win competition because ever since the country started giving heavy financial rewards to players during tournaments, it has never translated into trophies.

“We must scrap the winning bonus and get committed players to play so the country can reward them after they have been successful at a tournament”, he stated.

The man who was elected to head the FA in 2004 described as outrageous the kind of money being paid to players in recent times stating that his tenure at the FA never saw the payment of such huge sums as bonuses to players.

The firebrand ex-football administrator said it did not make any sense for the country to use money as a means of motivation for players to play in the national team describing it as a bad precedence that when not checked could ruin football in the country.

Source: Graphic.com.gh

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