/**/ I have been cleared by NDC — Masawudu Mubarick I have been cleared by NDC — Masawudu Mubarick

I have been cleared by NDC — Masawudu Mubarick

A Parliamentary aspirant for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) primary of the Asawase Constituency in the Ashanti Region who was unable to file his nomination, Masawudu Mubarick, has now been cleared by the Functional Executive Committee (FEC) of the party to present himself for vetting.

Speaking to the Daily Graphic in a telephone interview yesterday, he said his forms have been accepted and that the greenlight has been granted him to proceed to be vetted which is the next level of the process.

Mr Mubarick who had presented a petition to the NDC on his inability to file his nomination, had yesterday, in an interview with the Daily Graphic expressed confidence that the structures of the party will be capable of dealing with his petition on his inability to file for nomination.

According to him, he was of the belief that a determination would be made of his case and that the issue would not need to travel beyond the remit of the party structures.

However, if that should fail, he indicated that he would not hesitate to seek redress in a court of law.

He had said that: “I want to believe that we all in the interest of the party, will want to avoid any settlement out of the party channels. In the event that the party is not able to resolve it, I will seek to proceed further to seek redress. If the party does not resolve it, I will exercise my right as a citizen of this country.”

Party structures

Explaining further, he said he had tried to use the structure of the party that required that if one had a challenge at one level, “you move to the next level in the party hierarchy to submit your forms and so when I was blocked from submitting at the constituency office, and obviously at the regional office, I proceeded to the national headquarters before 5p.m.

last Friday which was the last day for filing.” However, when he got there, he said, most of the national officers were not in the office.


He said three days before then, on Wednesday July 17, he had submitted a petition to the national officers registering his displeasure, adding that his lawyer was also working on getting in touch with the party hierarchy to register his displeasure with the treatment so far regarding picking of nomination forms and filing.

So what he will do, he pointed out, would depend largely on the party leaders and his followers.

“If my followers or the grass roots believe that I should pursue the issue further at the end of the day, I will do whatever the grounds ask me to do because we are fighting this battle together but at the end of the day, justice must be served and we are bent on achieving that so that we can secure and safeguard the seat for 2020,” he intimated.

He said there had been attempts to use people close to him to get him to back down for his opponent to go unopposed but that “no one has been able to approach me personally. There have been pockets of offers but none has come to me directly.”
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