/**/ "Defender General" Kweku Baako's habit; a tool for 'Monied Might', 'Oppressors' and 'danger to humanity "Defender General" Kweku Baako's habit; a tool for 'Monied Might', 'Oppressors' and 'danger to humanity

"Defender General" Kweku Baako's habit; a tool for 'Monied Might', 'Oppressors' and 'danger to humanity

Editor of the Crusading Guide Newspaper, Abdul Malik Kweku Baako known for his habit of 'hired- Public Relation' services in endorsement of glaring wrongdoings perpetrated by monied mights, oppressors and powerful has today, 'suddenly and strangely' jumped to the defense of government, the Police and Attorney General in justification for their intentioned refusal to give lawful effect  to the bail granted to (release and free) suspect Gregory Afoko by an Accra High Court which has been met and same certified by the court's registry.

Indeed, it is the exclusive duty of the court(the Registrar/Registry) and not some overzealous Police nor a 'hired' Defender General Kweku Baako to ensure that bail conditions imposed by a Court of Competent Jurisdiction are met by accused persons who have been granted bail, except if the court for whatever reason(s) orders the police or any other person or body to do so. What exposes the mischief in what the Defender General and 'opinionated' Mr Baako read out from certain scripts today on peacefm, is that, those scripts were merely unrelated "interactions" between the Police and the Lands commission.

It is worth noting that, the Accra High Court in granting bail to Gregory Afoko did not in 'any shape nor form' ask the police to conduct or do work for it. The police who in complicit with the executive arm, have demonstrated enough to having an undiscerning zeal to 'frustrate' the lawful bail procedures when they arbitrarily and unlawfully went on to conduct an 'unrelated' search which has been described as 'frolic of its own.' Indeed, it is this very unlawful and unreasonable conduct which Kweku Baako relied on to doinv the bidding of the 'Monied Might and the oppressive Executive arm of government today on Kwame Sefa Kai's kokrooko flagship program.

What weighs the mind is Kweku Baako's conscientious inattentive to details and the doing of due diligence in a manner suggestive of his 'impatience' to please the inordinate desires of his 'paymasters'. It is most surprising and baffling that, a so called newspaper editor Kweku Baako, couldn't have become aware of a wide spread news reports over what transpired  during one of the hearings of the contempt application still pending in court (Commercial Court 3), where the judge when she realized that the court itself had concluded its own independent search, ordered the police (CID Augustine NkrumaH) to discontinue with the so-called search at the Lands Commission !

The big questions that have been asked are that, assuming without desiring that, Kweku Baako (who is formerly a jailed person whose health has been largely deteriorated by the mistreatments of Ghana's prisons) in the same shoes as Gregory Afoko, how would he feel? Gregory has clearly stated continuously  his innocence in this matter, why can't this 'oppressive' government proof otherwise in court but rather bent on finding him guilty on the terms and understanding of this very oppressive government ? Why did it take Kweku Baako, supposed he is a social commentator as he styles himself as, all these years to comment on this unlawful continous detention of Gregory Afoko? And suddenly as Kweku did, Kweku finds no wrong with the four years ardous trial that Gregory has suffered painfully in detention and same 'wickedly' nullified by Attorney General through the unaccountable and 'unjustifiably disproportionate' use of a prerogative- Nolle Prosequi ? As Kweku Baako justifies the 'oppresive and unreasonable' revocation of the bail condition by a 'poorly trained' judge, coupled with his habit of intentional poisoning the air with wicked and unreasonable lies,  against his silence over the unlawful refusal by police and the Executive arm to release Gregory Afoko as was directed by the court, is Kweku Baako not a danger to humanity, human progress,  is he not being a tool for the oppressors?

By: Mary Abena  Dompreh
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