/**/ Ahmed's murder: Family tells Ghanaians to ignore Agyapong's ¢100K bounty Ahmed's murder: Family tells Ghanaians to ignore Agyapong's ¢100K bounty

Ahmed's murder: Family tells Ghanaians to ignore Agyapong's ¢100K bounty

Kennedy Agyapong called for violence against Ahmed Hussein Suale.

The family of Ahmed Hussein-Suale has decried Assin Central legislator, Kennedy Agyapong, describing his ¢100,000 bounty on the killers as diversionary.

According to the family of the slain member of the private investigative group, Tiger Eye P.I, the MP should give the money to the police who are investigating the murder of their beloved relative. 
A spokesperson for the family, Dr. Mustapha Iddrisu says they feel insulted by the act of the governing New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) legislator, who months ago, called for violence against the deceased.

The controversial politician weeks ago, offered to pay ¢100,000 from his personal coffers to anyone who provides useful information on the persons who shot and killed the key associate of renowned investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas last month.

Speaking at a news conference on Monday, however, Dr. Iddrisu called on the public to “ignore such rants and to not further avail their esteemed platforms for such cacophony.”

Dr. Iddrisu explained that at no point did their deceased family member feel a sense of immense insecurity until “Kennedy Agyapong splashed his photographs in the media with his accompanying incitement of violence against him.” 

“…We are appealing to Mr. Agyapong to allow the innocent soul of our son, father and brother to rest in eternal peace,” the spokesperson added.

Assisted school fees
Meanwhile, Dr. Idrissu has also described the claim by the politician and business tycoon that he assisted with the payment of the late Hussein-Suale’s fees in 2012 while he was at the university, as an untruth. 

The late Ahmed Hussein-Suale
He said the family has always had the wherewithal to fund the education of its members and Hussein-Suale was not an exception.

“This assertion is nothing but the desperation of an overly excited person over the demise of our son and the exploitation of the ‘perpetual silence of the dead’. Suale is one of many graduates in the family and all his siblings are sponsored from within the family resources. 

“It has to be noted that our son entered the University of Ghana in the academic year of 2008/2009 and graduated in the year 2012. Curiously, the family solely paid the school fees of Suale for three academic years of his studies (2008/2009, 2009/2010, 2010/2011), but the MP is suggesting that the family could not afford the fees for his last academic year’s (2011/2012) fees? “Indeed, if you intend to easily win a debate, go into a contest with the dead, for they may remain silent to crown you the winner,” he added. 

Dangerous boy
The family also wants the MP to desist from referring to their deceased relative as “a dangerous boy and a rascal.”
The late Hussein-Suale he indicated, “was not a vagabond” as Mr. Agyapong likes to bandy about.” 

“He was a journalist – one of the best investigative journalists this continent ever produced,” he said.

“…we wish to state unequivocally that our son was educated, he was a journalist of international repute. He worked hard, contributed to naming, shaming and jailing of corrupt and bad persons around the world and particularly in Ghana. He did an honest job and earned a living,” the spokesperson defended. 


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