/**/ Woman's lip bitten off after getting lift to buy food Woman's lip bitten off after getting lift to buy food

Woman's lip bitten off after getting lift to buy food

An ulcer patient has lost her lip in her quest to adhere to medical advice to eat at regular intervals. 
25-year-old hairdresser Beatrice Agyapong has lost her lower lip in a fight with a nurse, who was incensed that her boyfriend gave the victim a lift in her quest to get food, Ina-Thalia Quansah reports from Kwesimitsim, Western region.
“She grabbed my lip and started chewing it as I struggled to defend myself but to no avail; suddenly I saw my blood splashing on the floor that was the last thing I remember at the salon.
I only woke up to find out I am at the hospital and my lower lip was gone. Agyapong told Ina-Thalia, Joy News correspondent in Takoradi,  amidst tears on her hospital bed in Kwesimintim hospital. 

Recounting her ordeal to Ina-Thalia,C said “I was recently treated of ulcer and was advised by doctors to adopt the habit of eating early to avoid complications.”

 So on Friday 18th January 2019 at about 8:00 am, I decided to go to Kwesimintsim to buy food.  Just as I stepped out of the house, I saw a private car known to me passing, so I signaled it to a stop asked for a lift to Kwesimintsim so I could find some food to buy.”
The owner of this private car happens to be the boyfriend of the nurse, whose name has only been given as Mummy. 

 After getting her food, Beatrice said she returned to work, a Saloon at Airport Ridge, a suburb of Sekondi – Takoradi. 

But the nurse suddenly showed up and confronted her for boarding the boyfriend’s car.  In the ensuing confrontation, the nurse bit off the victim’s entire lower lip.

According to Ina-Thalia, the victim was immediately rushed to the hospital but doctors on duty said the cells in the bitten off part had died, hence could not be stitched back. 

A nurse in charge at Kwesimintsim hospital, Belinda Hayford , who confirmed the story at the hospital, said the bitten flesh was not brought along so doctors on duty sent for the bitten off flesh but by the time it was the cells were dead.

She explained the only way to get another lip for Beatrice Agyapong is through plastic surgery. A report has since been made to the Kwesimintsim police but the perpetrator is yet to be arrested.

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