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3 sisters are having babies at the same time

These three sisters are pregnant at the same time: from left, Onyeka Ufere, Chika Okafor, and Ogechi Babalola. (Photo: Cynthia Onyejiji)
Ogechi Babalola was over the moon when she and her husband found out that they were expecting their first child together. But never could she have imagined that she and her two sisters would be sharing the experience — which is exactly what happened after she discovered that they were pregnant with their husbands as well.
Now, just six months after Babalola had a positive pregnancy test, she and her sisters Chika Okafor and Onyeka Ufere are all preparing to welcome new children into their growing family, just weeks apart from one another. And they couldn’t imagine it any other way.
“For me and my sister Chika, this is our first pregnancy, and the thought of doing it alone was a little bit intimidating. Onyeka has been through this whole process once before with her first set of twins,” Babalola tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “There’s nothing like complaining, laughing, and getting so frustrated you’re almost in tears with someone who you know understands what you’re going through because they’re literally going through the same stuff!”
The sisters on a beach in California. (Photo: Cynthia Onyejiji)
Babalola, 26, and Okafor, 27, are both expecting boys, and Ufere, 30, is preparing for her second set of twins, the sex of whom she plans to find out in December. The two older sisters joke about having to rename the group chat between the sisters, as they kept finding out that another baby was coming. Finally, it became “We Are Having Four Babies!” But their varying due dates made it difficult to make a combined announcement.
Instead, the Nigerian-born sisters decided to do a joint photoshoot with their baby bumps when they found out that the youngest sister would be visiting California, where they grew up, from her new home in Atlanta. It was the first time they were all together during their pregnancies thus far, and, naturally, they needed to document it.
“How many times will we get the opportunity to be pregnant together?” Okafor says. “It’s a blessing that should be captured.”
Posting the gorgeous photos, which were taken by their friend Cynthia Onyejiji, to each of their Instagrams, the sisters were able to share their incredible story with those who might not have known — although they all would agree that this experience is also personal for them as a family.

These sisters hope to pass their strong bond along to their children. (Photo: Cynthia Onyejiji)
“My sisters and I have always been extremely close. We never felt like we needed anyone else’s attention or approval,” Babalola shares. “We all have been blessed to have some great friends in our lives, but at the end of the day, we always know that we have each other, even if everyone else disappeared.”
Hopefully, that bond is something the sisters will pass on to their children as well.
“I am super-excited to raise my children with their cousins,” Ufere says. “I am sure the closeness I have with my sisters will transpire into our children.”
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