/**/ Meet Vodafone’s Yolanda; our gorgeous Ghana history 'teacher' Meet Vodafone’s Yolanda; our gorgeous Ghana history 'teacher'

Meet Vodafone’s Yolanda; our gorgeous Ghana history 'teacher'

She had never been in Ghana before until she was appointed CEO of Vodafone Ghana.

Her presence in Ghana at the Kotoka International Airport in 2016 was her first ever visit to West Africa.

And yet when she walked into the studios of Joy FM looking all rosy and gorgeous in her resplendent red attire, Yolanda Zoleka Cuba came not only with facts and figures of a competitive telecoms industry but with tales of Ghana’s rich history of independence.

It was her turn on the Personality Profile with Lexis Bill on Joy FM and the consummate business executive made no mistake in taking listeners through a bout of Ghana’s history culture and lifestyle.
So popular was Ghana's history to South Africans that they decided to call any other African lady "Ama Ghana," she stated. 
A woman not afraid to dream, a woman confident in her competences, Yolanda Zoleka showed a remarkable zeal in supporting small businesses in Ghana, a virtue which many listeners testified to.
She came announcing gifts in red from Vodafone Ghana who is celebrating ten years after launching in Ghana.
Focus on your dreams and believe, she said. 
Watch this for the full interview with Lexis Bill;

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