/**/ KKD condemns social media celebrity trolls KKD condemns social media celebrity trolls

KKD condemns social media celebrity trolls


Ace broadcaster, Kwasi Kyei Darkwah (KKD) has commented on the growing rate of celebrity trolls on social media. 
According to him, those who take delight in mocking public figures on social media are poor and filled with envy. 
“It is poverty and envy that can make people very mean. You don’t see people who are doing very well in life being totally nasty to people,” he told JoyNews’ Maxwell Amoofia. 
“You must be a certain special kind of animal to decide I want to do something to destroy another person,” KKD continued. 
The Radio and TV personality seems to sympathise with the culprits of social media trolls with the view that these individuals attack others to ease their own depression. 
“I pity people who are attacking others. I am not angry with them…The haters don’t hate you…they hate their lives. If their lives would improve, they will be nice too,” he said.
 Kwasi Kyei Darkwa believes that these attackers, whom he suggests had difficult up-bring, should not blame celebrities for their woes.
He, however, advised public figures to inbox individuals who criticise them unfairly and show them love. 
KKD’s comment follows revelations by Pappy Kojo and MzVee that social media trolls get them depressed.
Pappy Kojo also disclosed that the act was the reason for his silence on the music scene. 

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