/**/ Jennifer Cudjoe Donates Jerseys, Hose, Others To Jonina Ladies FC Jennifer Cudjoe Donates Jerseys, Hose, Others To Jonina Ladies FC

Jennifer Cudjoe Donates Jerseys, Hose, Others To Jonina Ladies FC


Jonina ladies fc
Jennifer Cudjoe Community Project / Jonina Ladies FC

Award Winning Ghanaian and US-based female Footballer, Jennifer Cudjoe, has started embarking on her community projects to help and mentor brilliant and talented female footballers in Ghana.

Eugenia Jonina Ladies FC

With the effort to reach out to these talents in all regions, she began with a reputable and fast-rising female division one team, Jonina Football Academy.

                                                                    Jennifer Cudjoe Representative 

Jennifer Cudjoe donated some football commodities to Jonina Ladies FC to support their football career. In collaboration with the team and its management, the 'Jennifer Cudjoe Xmas Fun Fair' was organized for the footballers'.

Jennifer Cudjoe Community Project

This was organized to create platforms for the footballers to showcase their talents. Jonina Ladies FC does not only groom the footballers to be the best in that aspect but also supports their field of interest with academics and vocational skills.

Jennifer Cudjoe Community Project

So far, Jonina Ladies FC has professional Barbers, Hairstylists, Singers, Pencil Artists, Electricians, Dancers, Football Skills and Shooting, Graphic and cloth Designers, and many more.

Jennifer Cudjoe after discovering these young talents in the female football fraternity decided to be their mentor and provide them with the necessary football commodities to build their football life.

Jennifer Cudjoe Community Project

The program was held at Dwhenya on the 25th of December 2022. A zoom meeting was held for the footballers and each player had an encounter with Jennifer Cudjoe for advice, clarity, and inspiration.

Jennifer Cudjoe Community Project

Jennifer Cudjo is an activist, a type C Licensed US Soccer Coach, and a Ghanaian Professional Football Player with international recognition.

Jennifer Cudjoe

Jennifer Cudjoe

Jennifer Cudjo currently plays as a midfielder for NJ/NY Gotham FC, the skyblue Football Club in the National Women's Soccer League (NWSL).


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