/**/ Love knows no boundaries Love knows no boundaries

Love knows no boundaries

 My husband would send me flowers on my birthday every year.

I've had a very hard time with his passing. I knew he wasn't going to be around this year for my BD and I was "okay" with that, I knew I wasn't going to receive my flowers... two days before my birthday there was a knock on my door and yes, I got flowers. My brother-in-law had a dream that my husband told him that he needed to get flowers for me. He says he woke up and said "ok you want flowers for your lady I'll get her, her flowers" He didn't know my husband would do that for me. My brother-in-law lives in another city so he didn't know it was going to be my birthday either.

I had fresh flowers on my 40th birthday from heaven, back in April'22″ 

I found this on Quora and thought you should also enjoy.

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