/**/ Molaré gives his version of the facts following Safarel Obiang's remarks concerning his PRIMUD 2019 villa Molaré gives his version of the facts following Safarel Obiang's remarks concerning his PRIMUD 2019 villa

Molaré gives his version of the facts following Safarel Obiang's remarks concerning his PRIMUD 2019 villa

From experience, Ivorians know that I don't answer anything, but this kind of attitude towards me has to stop.

 Since 2019, there are several things that have come into play, which mean that Safarel has not yet received his house.

 If I take the history of things, I can understand Safarel's reaction, but in the way and form of asking for things, it's not fair.

 Two months ago, we contacted the manager of Safarel (Rita) to ask him to send us a letter so that we could relaunch the partner.

 Safarel, actually got in touch with the real estate partner, he received his allocated lot but he did not have the effectiveness of the construction of the house he wanted.

 He was patient, it's true, but he integrated himself into a process that shouldn't take place, that is to say the activity of our partner (...)

 In the case of Safarel, it's a particular case between him and the partner, my moral role is to follow up and ensure that regarding my activity (PRIMUD) Safarel has its own house, so from start to finish, we have started legal proceedings against the promoter...

 Safarel is someone I see as my child, I don't want to put him down, Safarel can't say that I don't hear him or it's a problem between his team and him because I have contacted Rita sons manager.

  Safarel is one of the artists who never made an appointment to come talk to me at the office.

 I take you a simple case and I apologize to him, 1 month and a half ago, we Mgroup, we signed Safarel for a service, he received his money but he did not come to honor his service on the activity, we asked her manager to refund us our money and she told us if there is another activity, she will reimburse, but I did not come to sit on Facebook to say that Safarel owes me money (...)

 Honestly, I haven't received any calls and messages from Safarel himself, the one who is chasing me is Rita... I don't want to be judged, dragged through the mud.

 At one point, you have to stop, yesterday when I look at him, I found him right, I said to myself that he needs his house...

 I can be insulted in this country but Safarel is not going to do it.

 The Ivorians must not think that Molare builds houses, I am a cultural veteran, I am going to ask forgiveness in the offices, saying to them "please so that my activity is good, give a house to a winner because I want to leave this trace in the culture of my country"

 All I recognize in Safarel is his patience, after which I no longer accept insults. After this edition, there will be no more house that we will give to a winner, it is an official announcement that I am making, I will not give anything, we will only give the trophies.

 We signed with our real estate partner HOUSE'S VISON for 3 years who is finishing this year's house, for the next two years we will tell them to give the houses to an orphanage because an orphan is not going to come. sit down to insult me...

 I don't want to see an artist come into my office anymore, because if it's forever insulting me while I spend my life helping people, it's no longer worth it.

 In the PRIMUD regulations, there is no deadline for receiving the houses, it is the real estate developer who gives his deadlines"

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