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Turning prisons into factories

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Converting prisons into factories to fight unemployment. It's doable. But it requires a revolution in regulation. It needs less control, not more.

Welcome to Prison Factories: Part I. 

There are so many good things we can do with our prisoners and I am coming to talk about one of them.

I think having a state cocoa farm will go a long way to help millions of Ghanaians. I do not know why a country like Ghana that is one of the largest cocoa producers in the world would not invest in a state cocoa farm. So what at all are the Ghana cocoa board and the agricultural ministry doing? I heard workers at the cocoa board receive huge salaries yet we can not see what they are being paid that much for hmmmmm.......

One very reason that prompted me to write this is how our prisoners are packed in their cells like canned fish struggling just to catch some fresh oxygen. Why do we not put up a state farm and move the prisons to the cocoa farm so the prisoners can be used to grow some more cocoa beans for Ghana. In this case, we can get some money to feed the prisoners very well and expand their holding cells too.

This is just a humble opinion by Asiwornu Frank.

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