/**/ Ayensuano District: Several communities cut off over bridge collapse Ayensuano District: Several communities cut off over bridge collapse

Ayensuano District: Several communities cut off over bridge collapse

 Economic and social activities in several communities in the Ayensuano District of the Eastern Region have come to a halt due to severe floods resulting in the overflow of a river in Suhum.

The only road that links communities in the District – the Aboabo road in Amanase – has, therefore, been destroyed.

The communities have been cut off from each other due to the rainstorm.

The overflowing water from the river washed away the main bridge on the road, rendering it not fordable.

The communities are Amanase, Aboabo, Asieso and My Name, on one side, and Mzoh, Akrabo, Banda, Dwakyere, Boasi Sibi, Samantari and Betiase on the other side.

About nine kilometers were cut off from each other for almost a month now.

The road also links to the Eastern Region capital, Koforidua, though residents have not been able to trade with each other for the past month.

The residents, who are farmers, have not been able to visit their farms ever since the flood cut them off each other.

The Ayensuano District Chief Executive, Josephine Awuku Ansaa Inkoom, and her team visited the affected areas to inspect the bridge to ascertain the extent of damage caused and take action on immediate reconstruction.



Speaking in an interview with Onua TV on Monday, November 1, the DCE said she immediately moved to the Roads and Highways Ministry to inform them about the collapse of the bridge and possible constructions.

She said during her visit, it came out that school children could not cross to and from schools as even the adults were afraid to cross and trade with their counterparts.

Madam Ansaa Inkoom is therefore urging the government to, as a matter of urgency, come to their aid by reconstructing the bridge for these communities.


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