/**/ More than 227,900 Ghanaians blind – GHS More than 227,900 Ghanaians blind – GHS

More than 227,900 Ghanaians blind – GHS


The Ghana Health Service (GHS) has uncovered that an aggregate of 227,920 individuals are visually impaired in the country. 

This is as per another overview directed by the Service this year. It further unveiled that somewhere in the range of 329,560 Ghanaians have extreme visual disability while 579,040 have moderate hindrance. 

As indicated by the measurements, 54.8 percent of the visual deficiency was brought about by Cataract, 19.4 percent, because of Glaucoma, 12.3 percent by post fragment infections like diabetes and 11.2 percent from Cornea-related sicknesses. 

Talking at the press dispatch of the World Sight Day 2021 in Accra, which falls on October 14 on the topic "Love Your Eyes" Head of Eye Care Unit of GHS, Dr. James Addy clarified that a portion of the reasons for visual deficiency were avoidable, and approached Ghanaians to go through customary eye screening to identify eye issues at their beginning phases. 

He said worldwide insights uncovered that 1.1 billion individuals universally were living with vision misfortune. 

"That incorporates 91million youngsters – our future – who live with vision misfortune. 90 million kids all throughout the planet have vision misfortune as they don't approach eye care administrations. 165 youngsters need glasses," Dr. Addy added. 

He saw that the utilization of glasses could lessen the chances of youngsters coming up short in class by 44%, and encouraged guardians whose kids are not acting in class to direct eye test for their children. 

Dr. Addy noticed that kids with vision misfortune were 2.5 occasions liable to be in proper training, adding that "ladies are 12% bound to have vision misfortune than men." 

That he said was because of hormonal changes, how they were much of the time presented to injury and the utilization of beauty care products like eye lashes, and how they live more than men. 

Addressing the means taken by the GHS to check the issue, Dr. Addy said his outfit in 2018 dispatched the National Cataract outreach program in Koforidua, and the "Ghana past waterfall visual deficiency" crusade. 

He said free waterfall medical procedures were led for inhabitants in certain locales, including Eastern, Western, Volta and Upper West under the program. 

Delegate Director-General, GHS Dr. Anthony Ofosu Adofo, expressed that much exertion ought to be outfitted towards counteraction of vision misfortune. 

He repeated the requirement for Ghanaians to take on solid ways of life by chopping down smoking, keeping up with ordinary glucose and strain, and cholesterol level, while wearing shades and different focal points when presented to screens and the sun. World Sight Day is a worldwide day of mindfulness creation held yearly on the second Thursday of October, to zero in consideration on worldwide eye wellbeing.

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