/**/ Kwaku Asare takes on GLC over graduate school placement test disappointments Kwaku Asare takes on GLC over graduate school placement test disappointments

Kwaku Asare takes on GLC over graduate school placement test disappointments


Legitimate Practitioner, Kwaku Asare has criticized the General Legal Council (GLC) for neglecting to guarantee the confirmation of approximately 499 applicants who passed the 2021 Ghana School of Law selection test. 

Admission to the Ghana School of Law for proficient legitimate training necessitates that fruitful competitors get a base position of half during the selection test. 

The 499 understudies were anyway denied affirmation, notwithstanding supposedly accomplishing the necessary half breeze through mark in the test. 

Talking on Citi TV's Point of View, Mr. Asare assumed the individuals from the Council for neglecting to address the peculiarity.

Aside from the present circumstance, just 28% of the applicants got access to the Ghana School of Law this year [2021]. 

Mr. Asare set that the Council's lack of interest over these improvements implies its longing for the restraining infrastructure of legitimate instruction in Ghana to proceed. 

"Four of the most senior Supreme Court judges sit on the General Legal Council and it is alarming to me that these four can't comprehend that Article 25 (2) says you can't have an imposing business model. They can't comprehend that you can't give regulatory fiats to fix guidelines… Only a monopolist that is persuaded that the forces be can't contact it can stand to do something like this quite a long time after year. This is the 6th year that such shameful, impulsive, discretionary, unlawful, deceptive practice has been permitted to go on.." 

Mr. Asare accepts this monopolistic framework in lawful schooling had generally added to restrictions in seeking after a lawful profession in Ghana. 

"The embodiment of the issue is that we have made a monopolist supplier of expert law courses. Monopolists will in general limit yield. They couldn't care less with regards to quality, and they obliterate social government assistance, and that is by and large what is happening."

"The Ghana School of Law is a syndication and as monetary hypothesis predicts, it confines yield. It extricates lease from the understudies. It has no motivating force to be useful and fulfill buyers, and it has obliterated social government assistance from 2015 when I originally saw the issue till now." 

790 out of 2,824 applicants finished the test coordinated recently. 

The pass rate is in accordance with earlier years, aside from 2020, where 1,045 understudies out of 2,763 breezed through the selection test. 

The helpless pass rate has in the past started requires a change of lawful schooling in Ghana. 

Pundits have said the GLC purposely confines individuals from accessing legitimate instruction.

By Mohammed Dauda / kdsmultimedia.com

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