Some students of Saint Monica College of Education, Asante Mampong in the Ashanti Region have mounted a strong defence for the Reverend Father Larbi who planted deep kisses on some graduating students of the teacher’s training school.

Midday yesterday, a video went viral on social media involving an ordained Reverend Father who happens to be the chaplain of the St Monica's College of Education giving some female students of the school deep kisses on their lips.

In the video, the Reverend Father who was seen clad in his green gown pulled each of the students towards him and gave them a passionate kiss on the lips in turns to the estacy of other students..

In order to have a full feel of what he intended to achieve, some of the students were asked by the preacher of the gospel to have their nose masks on them removed in the midst of Covid-19 before he gave them the kiss.

Shockingly, the congregation which was filled with a lot of students and parents yelled happily and cheered up the Rev. Father whilst he was satisfying his desires.

The Reverend Father has received bashing and questioning as to the reason behind the act which seemingly goes in contrast to his tenants as a priest after the video went viral.

Interestingly, some students of the college who described themselves as ‘Concerned Students of St Monica’s have defended their Chaplain.

The students in a statement said they stand with the Reverend Father who have been condemned by a section of the public and condemned the bloggers who shared the videos on their blog without any inquiry.

They believe that it was the Father's way of honoring some deserving students after he gave them certificates and sums of money.

Watch the video below

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