/**/ Court Case: Dome Market Association wins against Ga East Assembly Court Case: Dome Market Association wins against Ga East Assembly

Court Case: Dome Market Association wins against Ga East Assembly

 The Dome New Market Association has won a court case against Ga East Municipal Assembly and Felicia Amui, Chairperson, Oversight Committee of the Dome New Market.

The judgement which was given by a High Court on July 19, 2021 declared the Association, the Plaintiff, victors and the Chairperson, the Respondent, found liable for contempt of Court.

Diana Dowuona Owoo, Public Relations Officer of the Association, announced at a press conference in Accra.

The Association had sued the MCE in the High Court, Accra on August 8, 2017 seeking the court to declare that the purported revocation or termination of tenancy covering Store No. 9 and 10 in Block A at the market was illegal and of no effect.

They had also sought for the declaration that the Defendant’s attempt to stop the Plaintiff from collecting fees from its members and affiliates was blatant interference with the internal administration of the Plaintiff and was therefore illegal, void and of no effect.

The Association again sought for a declaration that the purported inauguration of an Oversight Committee was an attempt by the Defendant to interfere with the work of the Plaintiff and possibly, cripple the Plaintiff, and was therefore illegal and should be disbanded.

On February 18, 2019, a High Court had earlier given a judgement in favour of the Plaintiff and had granted the three reliefs.

According to decisions by the court, evidence had proved that the violation of the court's order by the Assembly was beyond doubt. The Assembly had gone ahead to install the Respondent as Market Queen although the Applicant had an occupant for that position.

The Respondent was therefore found liable for contempt of court since she had actively aided the contemptuous act of the Assembly.

The Court had entered judgment against the Ga East Municipal Assembly, and declared as illegal, its interference in the activities of the Plaintiff and the Oversight Committee inaugurated by the Assembly was also declared unlawful.

The Judge ruled that on account that the Respondent was a first time offender and was not party to the substantive case, she did not deserve a custodial sentence, hence sentenced to a fine of GHS 10,000.00 or in default three months imprisonment.

Madam Evelyn Abena Sebie, Queen Mother of the Dome Market Association, appealed to the Government to complete the construction of the sheds which members claimed to have paid for and to decongest the market and pave way for entry of vehicles into the market.

She encouraged the market women to pay their taxes and daily tolls for the Government to build the fit-for-purpose market for them and their safety.


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