/**/ In 2020 let’s stop men from ‘playing’ us – Juliet Ibrahim to ladies In 2020 let’s stop men from ‘playing’ us – Juliet Ibrahim to ladies

In 2020 let’s stop men from ‘playing’ us – Juliet Ibrahim to ladies

Ghanaian actress Juliet Ibrahim has urged single ladies to support each other so as to stop men from taking advantage of them with regards to romantic relationships.

The 33-year-old actress who has had several failed love relationships revealed that in 2020, she would give love a try again, only that this time round, she is going to be much careful: she will put up the man’s image on social media and ask fellow ladies to say if he is dating them or married so that she can ensure that she is not dealing with a cheat.

Ms Ibrahim, who was once married to Kwadwo Safo Jnr, urged ladies to help fish out such cheating men by exposing them.

I will leave it up for at least 48 hours just to be sure I’m allowing the right person into my life.

Experience na best teacher ooo!!! I won’t be played anymore 😂 ladies please feel free to claim your boo if he’s posted up on my page!

And please Claim him with receipts.

I stand for women supporting each other and the bond of sisterhood. 2020 don’t let these playas play us. 😂 #atoasttolife #Liberia.’”

Ms Ibrahim revealed earlier this year that keeping relationships secret had been the reason why her former boyfriend, Iceberg, the Nigerian singer, succeeded in deceiving her into a relationship when he was dating already.

Iceberg had assured Ms Ibrahim that he was single and not seeing anyone insisting that they kept their relationship secret. And they did. But Juliet Ibrahim was shocked when she made the relationship public;  Iceberg’s girlfriend immediately confronted her leading to her breakup with him.

For 2020, she insists that from the very beginning, she would make the relationship public via social media so that she can be convinced that she is dealing with a really single man.

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