/**/ Hon. Aponkye heads to Supreme Court Hon. Aponkye heads to Supreme Court

Hon. Aponkye heads to Supreme Court

Failed assemblyman aspirant for the Adukrom Nima Electoral Area in the Ashanti region is set to file a petition at the Supreme Court to challenge the elections.

Nana Adabor Ibrahim Isaah Ampim, popularly known as Hon. Aponkye, rejected the district Assembly election results for the area alleging fraud.

The failed Assemblyman, according to provisional results from the Electoral Commission, polled 234 representing 9% of the total votes cast.

He was beaten by Hon. Abdul Rashid who polled 1,056 representing 40%.

But, Hon. Aponkye in an interview on Joy NewsTuesday said the results collated by his agents showed he won with a one-touch victory.

Though he failed to show his supposed collated results, he was certain he had been shortchanged.

To ensure justice is served, Hon Aponkye said he would analyze the data from all 17 polling stations and file his challenge in court.
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