/**/ Don’t be deceived by your stomach Pastors – Mzbel to Christians Don’t be deceived by your stomach Pastors – Mzbel to Christians

Don’t be deceived by your stomach Pastors – Mzbel to Christians

Songstress, Mzbel has advised Christians to be watchful and not be deceived by their Pastors.

According to her, if God wants to bless an individual, he will not ask for a seed to be sown before he does that.

She made this known in a writeup shared on her social platforms.

She indicated that

Do not be deceived this 31st December night vigil

I feel sad when I hear preachers ask people to sow seeds in order for God to do something for them. Why would God want you to sow a seed to him before opening some special doors for you? You will hear statements like I see greatness in your child, sow a heavy seed to secure his greatness. The question is, is it the seed that secures the child’s greatness or it is purely God?

As we approach 31st December, some preachers will induce fear into you by their statements, and once you get scared, you have been entrapped already. They will make statements like; In the year 2019, there will be disasters, calamities, job losses, strange diseases, accidents, divorces and hardships. if you want God to preserve you and your family from all these things, rush to the altar. You can imagine the numbers that will rush there. Because nobody wants a disaster to befall him.

Once they all gather at the altar, this will be the instruction to them: The preacher will go like, Now listen to me, (by this time, the keyboard will be playing softly at the background). You are going to enter into a covenant with God with a seed of so and so amount. You are telling God that with your seed, you have entered a covenant of preservation for 2020.

Then they will continue; Hear me, If you do this wholeheartedly with a seed from your heart, trust me, the Lord shall keep his covenant with you. Then the preacher will add, Because My God is a covenant keeping God! Immediately, the song “Covenant keeping God” will come to mind and he will quickly lead the congregation in that song in a very soft manner just to capture the emotions of the people especially those that are yet to come and sow their seeds.

He then talks to those who are yet to sow their seeds; Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Those of you who are still seated, come and be part of this covenant. A covenant of preservation for the coming year 2020. Before you say Jack, almost everybody in the auditorium is up on their feet and in queue to sow a seed in order to be part of the covenant.

What has been described above is nothing new to those who have been in church long enough. The sad thing is, the congregation see nothing wrong with this practice. In fact some will even attack you should you try to question this wrong practice.

Wake up brethren! Not again this time around. Don’t you know that our heavenly father gives his blessings including his preservation freely? This practice at best can be described as a Cash and carry blessings. Obviously God will not endorse such a thing.

God wants us to put our trust in his love for us and not rely on some seeds. He wants us to believe that he is a loving father who takes care of his children not because they sow seeds but because we are his responsibility. The Lord shall take care of you and your family the coming year because he is your father, my father and our father. Even our earthly fathers will not ask us to sow seeds to them before taking care of us, how much less our heavenly father.

Do not be deceived to enter into any covenant. The only covenant God is pleased with is the new covenant where we have all blessings in Christ for free. Do not be scammed this 31st into sowing some seeds for God’s blessings.”
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