/**/ Constituents chase NDC MP over ‘ghost’ projects Constituents chase NDC MP over ‘ghost’ projects

Constituents chase NDC MP over ‘ghost’ projects

Constituents of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Member of Parliament (MP) for Daboya/Mankarigu, Shaibu Mahama are on his heels challenging him to account to them on what he has used his share of the District Assemblies Common Fund (DACF) for.

They want the lawmaker to list the specific projects and locations his share of the District Assemblies Common Fund were channeled into several years after being voted for.


“Interestingly enough, this was a man in 2016 who campaigned with vigor on his ability to lobby and greatly influence development to the constituency because of his connection to people who wield power from the two major political organizations. Fast forward, we are into the last month of his third (3) year with absolutely nothing to show for. At best, he’s been throwing his cunning political strategy around with impunity to lure the people once more”, they said in a statement.

According to the enraged constituents, the MP allegedly uses his share of the fund on ghost projects under the guise of an educational fund which he claims provides scholarships to deserving students of various institutions.

“We are requesting the Hon MP for the sake of credibility and trust of his office to bring us to speed on the following:

1. The establishment of the fund.

2. Objective(s) of the fund.

3. Bank Account of the fund.

4. List of board of trustees.

5. Fund raising activities.

6. Contributions either from groups or individuals into the fund.

They statement added “Hon Nelson Baani Abudu shall be remembered for providing an ambulance from his share of the common fund, what have you been using your share of the common fund for? We do not want to believe, hear or accept that you are still using the fund in defrayment of your SADA chop chop and bad loans from financial institutions.

It’s not too late to apologize to the people for your shambolic and abysmal output as an MP. The people have been taken for granted for far too long, it’s time to tell your own story. You were democratically elected and must be accountable to the people”


Meanwhile, they are also demanding accountability for the four disbursements by the MP and who the beneficiaries are.

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