/**/ 90% of Ghanaian journalists are dishonest – Kevin Taylor 90% of Ghanaian journalists are dishonest – Kevin Taylor

90% of Ghanaian journalists are dishonest – Kevin Taylor

Journalist and Social commentator Kevin Ekow Baidoo Taylor is claiming that even though there are good, intelligent and professional journalists in Ghana, 90% of them have been compromised, and they constitute a “community of liars” who defend everything the government does.

“There are real intelligent smart journalists in Ghana, and they are doing a great job…but 90% of the journalists in Ghana, to me, if you ask me, they’ve been compromised. It is a community of liars who want to protect, defend, and lie for everything this government does. They lie and defend everything that government does. And it saddens me…” he stated on his social media broadcast titled LoudSilence With All Due Respect.

He was reacting to the arrest and detention of Kennedy Agyapong over the killing of journalist Ahmed Suale in Houston, Texas in the United States of America.

He lamented that there are journalists in Ghana who are in bed with the government while attempts are being made by persons such as Kennedy Agyapong to suppress good journalism in the country.

He is of the opinion that the lifestyle of some journalists give them out as compromised given that they live luxurious lives and have unfettered access to the powers that be. These journalists he describes as “billionaire journalists.”

He accused these billionaire journalists of then deflecting blame that should be put at the doorsteps of government on ordinary citizens instead of using their platforms to hold government accountable.
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