/**/ We won’t disclose our power winning manifesto now – NDC We won’t disclose our power winning manifesto now – NDC

We won’t disclose our power winning manifesto now – NDC

The National Youth Organiser of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Opare Addo has described the incessant demands by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) for the release of his party’s 2020 elections manifesto as hypocritical.

“It has never happened before, it is disingenuous on the part of the NPP and some so-called neutrals which we don’t know where they belong, to be calling on the NDC to put out our campaign message within a year and two months to the elections.

“It has never been the norm for political parties to put out their campaign message more than a year to elections when notably the NPP in 2016 disclosed its two major policies three months to the elections, ‘One-district-One-factory’ and ‘One-village-One-dam.’

“The NPP is saying the NDC doesn’t have a message for the 2020 elections, in 2016, it was three weeks to the elections before their manifesto came out, two months to the elections before we heard their two major policy statements but the most touted Free SHS policy was not one of the leading campaign issues when the citizenry demanded the NPP come out with its manifesto before the 2016 general election.

“The Free SHS policy was not one of their leading campaign issues because there was no message until three months to the elections when the citizenry demanded from them before they brought their manifesto out.

“Inasmuch as the NDC has not rolled out its campaign message for the 2020 elections, does not mean the party is banned from having discussions on the NPP’s policies which are going bad.

“The President indicated that his understanding of review means to cancel, if former President Mahama stated that we will review a policy, what it means is when he comes he will cancel the policy, it is difficult to understand, beyond comprehension the president says reviewing a policy means cancellation and Nana Boakye also interpreted review to mean cancellation,” Mr Addo chided.

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