/**/ Vote 'Yes' On December 17th Referendum If . . . - Sammy Gyamfi Vote 'Yes' On December 17th Referendum If . . . - Sammy Gyamfi

Vote 'Yes' On December 17th Referendum If . . . - Sammy Gyamfi

National Communications Officer for the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Sammy Gyamfi has warned of dire repercussions for the country's fledgling democracy should the citizenry opt to go for a 'Yes' choice in next month's referendum.

He has therefore urged Ghanaians to vote 'NO' in the upcoming referendum to maintain the unity in the country in general, and in the assembly electoral areas, in particular.

The two leading political parties in the country are at each other's throat over whether Ghanaians should go for a 'No' or 'Yes' vote in the upcoming referendum that could introduce multi-party sponsorship of candidates at the local level provided the electorate votes 'YES' on December 17.

Debunking claims that members of the opposition party have deliberately taken an entrenched position because the ruling party is on the 'YES' side, he strongly insisted that he has over a hundred and more reasons why the election of MMDCE's should not be made partisan.

"Vote 'YES' during the upcoming referendum and see Ghana creating an NDC/NPP market and communal labour days," Sammy Gyamfi warned.

He dared on UTV's 'Adekye Nsroma' political panel discussion segment that if the 'Yes' carries the day, everything in the country will eventually be politicized.

"I bet you and it is the truth that nothing will be left out in this country not being tagged with party colours should 'YES' win the December 17 elections," he added.

The NDC's National Communications Officer further accused the President, Nana Akufo-Addo and members of his party of "seeking to destroy Ghana, through their call for the referendum on a practice that has existed for the past 47 years and counting"
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