/**/ Sunday rains leave residents stranded at Westland Sunday rains leave residents stranded at Westland

Sunday rains leave residents stranded at Westland

Residents at Westland junction, a suburb of Accra were rendered stranded following the Sunday rains which hit some elements of the country, Broadcast Ghana gathered.

The rain which lasted for over an hour brought on the roads and homes to be submerged with the aid of flood.

As a result of this incident, numerous citizens stood in awe, with some worried approximately their properties and children.

recently the problem of flood has been a prime concern which has been trumpeted via many however no degree has since been installed area to rid the capital of this menace.

Over the years several regions were engulfed with the flood which has now not most effective brought about lives but also misplaced homes, now not forgetting rendering a few homeless.

The recent of the numerous flood occurrences is that of Accra Tema motorway. On October 28, a section of the road changed into plunged via the flood causing gridlock and vacationers with little desire as to their safety or when they’ll arrive at their destinations.
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