/**/ Hunchback healed, cancer, asthma disappear as Agyinasare lays hands on the sick Hunchback healed, cancer, asthma disappear as Agyinasare lays hands on the sick

Hunchback healed, cancer, asthma disappear as Agyinasare lays hands on the sick

A plethora of amazing miracles were wrought through God’s servant Bishop Charles Agyinasare, the Presiding Bishop of Perez Chapel International during his Festival of Miracles between January and February 2018 which was part of the church’s activities to mark its founder’s 35th-anniversary in the ministry of God.

The miracles came through after Bishop Agyinasare asked the mammoth crowd of believers to touch whichever part of their body ailed them and led them to pray thus at Ghana’s Independence Square: “Heavenly Father, we thank You for tonight, come into my life in the name of Jesus and we give you all the praise and all the glory, we celebrate you, we rejoice in you. Satan, you know me, you would obey me because I don’t come in my name, I come in the powerful and miraculous name of Jesus, and right now, I command every spirit of blindness to be bound, right now”.

After that, he told the crowd: “If you came with a deaf and dumb person, put your finger in the ears. I command every spirit of deaf and dumbness to be bound and I say: ‘Come out right now’. Every spirit of stroke and paralysis, I command you to be bound; come out right now. Every spirit of cancer, be bound in Jesus’ name now. Every spirit of heart problem be bound in Jesus’ name; come out now. Every spirit of mental problem be bound in the name of Jesus; come out now. Right now, blind eyes open, deaf ears open, lame legs walk, paralysed limbs be healed, growths disappear, skin diseases leave now. Receive your miracle now. Lift up your hand and thank God for your miracle”.

Then, Bishop Agyinasare, led by the Holy Spirit, ordered the sea of believers: “If you couldn’t see, begin to count the lights; if you couldn’t walk, get up, begin to walk; if you couldn’t lift your arm, begin to lift it; if you couldn’t turn your leg, turn it; if you came with a stick, lift up your stick and begin to walk; if you came with crutches, lift them up, begin to walk”.

“Somebody has gotten out of a wheelchair”, he pointed into the crowd, saying: “There is a miracle there”. “Whatever you couldn’t do, do it now”, he urged.

When Bishop Agyinasare asked the recipients of miracles to come forth and testify to the glory of God, a stiff-necked Liberian woman who flew all the way to Ghana just to attend the Festival of Miracles got her healing as the stiffness disappeared. Her daughter, with whom she went said her mum had been primed to undergo an intrusive surgery at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital but after seeing adverts of the festival on TV, she decided that “we must go to Dr Jesus and my mother will not have this surgery”. “I am happy”, a happy Madam Nancy said, adding: “Thank You Jesus”.

Also, a five-year-old hunchbacked boy called Kofi Pastor, born with the disability, suddenly had the hunch disappear. “Give the Lord praise”, Bishop Agyinasare shouted to the congregation, saying: “It is not there”. An elated mother of the little boy gave thanks and praises to God and asked for more anointing, strength and blessing for Bishop Agyinasare, who recalled a similar miracle at one of his crusades at Mamprobi where a 42-year-old hunchbacked man had his hump suddenly disappear.

Apart from that, a man who had suffered from asthma for 32 years got healed instantly at the festival together with his 12-year-old asthmatic son.

Still with asthma, a Nigerien asthmatic patient, Ms Tabitha, whose parents had spent a lot of money on her sickness, suddenly coughed out a whitish fluid as Bishop Agyinasare prayed and received her healing.

“The devil, the demons behind the asthma came out”, said Bishop Agyinasare, adding: “I told you when we bind those spirits, they are leaving. Give the Lord a mighty clap offering. Whatever was troubling your house, from tonight, that demon is leaving your house in Jesus’ name”, the Bishop declared.

“I’m very happy”, the French-speaking lady said to Bishop Agyinasare, adding: “Thank You, Jesus”.

Ms Tabitha was not the only Francophone beneficiary of God’s miraculous works that night. At the same time that she got delivered from her fits of asthma, a fellow Francophone, an Ivorian, who said he had been suffering from severe migraine for three years, reported feeling “something” come out of his head during prayers. “I’m happy; thank you Lord”, he testified.

Besides those miracles, a woman whose fingers had been inflexible for six years could suddenly bend those digits after the prayers while another woman who identified herself as Julie, who had had fluid oozing out of her left breast for two years, instantly got healed of the condition after falling to ground under the power of the Lord as Bishop Agyinasare prayed.

Additionally, a woman who had been diagnosed of kidney and liver failure and had attended the festival a couple of days earlier when it started, returned on the final day with a medical report that proved the two conditions had miraculously been corrected by the power of God. “Only Jesus can do this”, Bishop Agyinasare shouted to the glory of God.

Furthermore, a young girl from Kanda, whose mother said she had been bleeding for three weeks, a situation that affected her sight, also received her miracle healing at the festival.

Another girl, nine-year-old Maryanne, from Teshie, who said she could not walk since 2015 after she was diagnosed with Burkitt lymphoma – a form of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in which cancer starts in immune cells called B-cells and impairs the patient’s immunity, which, in turn, leads to death if left untreated – shed intense as she testified of how God suddenly infused strength into her weak legs so she could walk again – unaided. Maryanne said she got well in 2017 but her condition deteriorated again until she could only walk with the help of her mother but was suddenly able to walk on her own after Bishop Agyinasare led the congregation to pray.

“Put your hands together to the Lord”, Bishop Agyinasare said to the crowd, asking: “Don’t you think it was because of this precious little girl that we came here?” “Give God praise! Only Jesus can do this. You are never the same my dear”.

Still with walking, a woman who had been using crutches because she could not walk for two years and was due for surgery at an estimated cost of 75,000 Euros also got her healing and went home without her walking aid. She returned to the festival on the last day still walking on her own.

Another nine-year-old child who got healed was a boy called Nii Lartey, who had not been able to speak nor hear his entire life. He had his hearing and speech impairment cured.

The little boy proved it by aping the man of God’s sounds – indicating that he could now hear and speak – as well as repeating clapping sounds made by the man of God on his blindside. “Thank you, Father, for touching him”, Bishop Agyinasare prayed, and urged the boy’s elated mother: “Take your time, teach him, he’ll learn”.

A woman from Kwabenya, a suburb of the capital, Accra, whose body had stiffened for two months after visiting the hospital, suddenly received her healing, too, and could instantly move every member of her now-flexible body as well as twist and turn.

She was not the only one who left the festival with utmost joy. An old man who was ferried to the event by a taxicab because he could not walk, was also able to gait briskly after the man of God had prayed. His wife, who could also not lift her right hand received healing, too.

After the many healing testimonies, Bishop Agyinasare walked through the huge swarm of believers who thronged the event praying for them and laying hands on them.

The four-day Festival of Miracles was broadcast live on GHOne TV and also covered by several media houses including ClassFMonline.com.
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