Education Development Trust Africa, a Non-governmental Organisation which chanced on Jairus Mulumia teaching at Forole Primary School in Kenya posted its discovery on Facebook, and it has triggered a lot of reactions.

Reports say the police officer was a part of a security detail stationed at the border of Kenya and Ethiopia to fight crime within the area where the Forole Primary School is also situated.

The school is a beneficiary of a United Kingdom aid-funded project dubbed Wasichana Wetu Wafaulu.

Many people had been attacked and killed within the Kenya and Ethiopia enclave; hence teachers are compelled to stay home for fear of being victims of those criminal attacks.

According to, when officers from the Education Development Trust Africa visited the school, they found only girls in class 5 dared to attend school.

Being touched by the plight of the pupils, Jairus Mulumia who was a teacher before turning a police officer sought the permission of the headteacher to help.

"After getting permission from the headteacher, Mulumia, a trained teacher, got into Class Five and started teaching mathematics," Education Development Trust Africa wrote on Facebook.

No sooner was the photo of the police officer teaching the helpless pupils was posted on Facebook than Kenyans began to express their admiration for the officer in uniform.

Police officer dumps his gun to teach mathematics as teachers fail to show up over insecurity

Well, a police officer should not desert his post to do any other thing outside his duty, but in the face of the situation at hand, Jairus Mulumia decided to take the bull by the horn. Kudos to him.