Police in the Central region have begun investigations into the gruesome murder of Gyasehene of Gomoa Akraman, Nana Ahor Agyiri aka Osebo in the Central Region.

The chief was allegedly abducted in his home and subjected to severe beatings before been callously lynched.

He was found in a pool of blood in his house at Akraman after been brutally killed by the unknown assailants.

Narrating the incident the 14-year-old daughter of the slain chief who saw exactly what happened gives a chilling account of events.

"My mother was about to go to work when they came but went to lodge in a house nearby when the came in my father asked us  to go into our rooms and lock it."

"They destroyed the locks to our gate but we were still inside the room,they started vandalizing his car and properties in the house."

According to her, the thugs were numbering about 20 people.

"My junior brother attempted to get out and it was at this point that my father came out,they grabbed him pulled him out and they lynched him to death."

Junior brother of the late chief Joe Ahor Kpassa says he heard in the morning that his brother had been killed at the lorry station when he went to find something to eat.

Upon hearing the news he rushed there and saw the lifeless body of his brother lying in a pool of blood outside in the streets.

According to him there was a misunderstanding between the lynched chief and some 'boys' there was a serious squabble and one of the boys was shot in the hand.

I was told the injured guy was sent to 37 military hospital for treatment so I'm surprised this has happened.

Meanwhile the Central Regional Police PRO, DSP Juliana Oppong has confirmed the news stating that one person was shot yesterday and was handed a police hospital report but upon going to the hospital, the said person cannot be found.

She however laments how members of the village are tight lipped on giving Police information about events that happened leading to the death of the gyasehene.

No arrest has been made so far but Police are still continuing with their investigations .