/**/ Mouse causes ‘dumsor’ in Kumasi Mouse causes ‘dumsor’ in Kumasi

Mouse causes ‘dumsor’ in Kumasi

A big mouse, which certainly is stubborn, recently caused power cuts in some areas in Kumasi, the capital of Ashanti Region, it has been revealed.

Power supply to affected areas suddenly got cut and attempts by the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) to detect the fault and repair it always proved futile.

The affected communities stayed in total darkness for sometime before ECG engineers finally managed to detect the fault and restored power supply.

Shockingly, the ECG engineers later observed that a big mouse was responsible for the unplanned power cut as it (mouse) got stuck in some sensitive wires.

The Ashanti Regional PRO of the ECG, Mr Erasmus Kyere Baidoo, who made the disclosure, explained that not all power cuts in the region are intentional.

He said sometimes the power cuts are caused by unimaginable things “like the big mouse, which got stuck in wires and caused power cuts, recently”.

Kyere Baidoo allayed the fears of residents of Kumasi that planned power cuts also known as ‘Dumsor’ was about to return into the Ashanti Region.

According to him, the ECG is currently not experiencing any challenges that could lead to ‘Dumsor’ returning, so the people should not worry about anything.

The ECG PRO said the recent intermittent power cuts that were experienced in the Ashanti Region don’t necessarily mean ‘Dumsor’ is looming.

“We experienced a few jumper cuts, which is not anything serious. I can boldly state that Ashanti Region has stable power supply now”, he assured on Nhyira FM.

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