/**/ Any pastor who recommends ‘lickings’ should be arrested – Maurice Ampaw Any pastor who recommends ‘lickings’ should be arrested – Maurice Ampaw

Any pastor who recommends ‘lickings’ should be arrested – Maurice Ampaw

Controversial legal practitioner, Maurice Ampaw has viciously attacked preachers who recommend oral s*x. He demads that they be be arrested for promoting oral s*x to their congregation.

The very vocal lawyer, opines that oral s*x is bad and not advisable for anyone. It is  funny because it is alleged that Leader and Founder of Lighthouse chapel, Bishop Dag Heward Mills admonished his congregants to engage in the act.

According to ADOM fm, Archbishop Dag Heward-Mills addressing his congregation said;

“I don’t think there is anything wrong with oral s*x because there is no red flag on any part of the body. Which law states that this place is not good; you can kiss here, but you cannot lick here because kissing is licking ”

Bishop Heward-Mills, who was addressing church members, could not comprehend why some parts of the body of the body are considered no go areas during intercourse. He said;

“Why can’t you kiss your wive’s vulva and why can’t your wife also kiss your p*nis; why can’t she hold it? It’s nice”

His utterance has however seems to be in contrast with lawyer Maurice Ampaw’s opinion, as seems he to not agree with the man of God’s opinion. Speaking on Kumasi-based Angel FM he said;

every pastor that promotes oral sex is abnormal, antichrist, is not a right-thinking member of society, is a perverted minister of God, and so he should be delivered and then arrested, because he’s against God’s own principle of sexual intercourse”.

Do you think it’s wrong for couples to engage in oral s*x. Does it pose a threat to the health of people who practice it. Share your thoughts and comments regarding the the subject in the comments section.

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