/**/ I want to kill myself – Widow with 6 children cries I want to kill myself – Widow with 6 children cries

I want to kill myself – Widow with 6 children cries

38-year-old Nana Akua, a widow and a mother of six children laments her ordeal to crimecheckghana.

She and her children currently have nowhere to sleep as they are being ejected from her house due to her inability to pay her rent.

Nana Akua told crimecheckghana that she was living with her husband at Nungua with their four children but as fate will have it, due to his husband’s asthmatic condition she could not hold on to life and passed on leaving her and their children without help from any family member or friend.

The widow revealed that “In my distress, I met a man who offered to give us accommodation and rented a place for us at Ablekuma waakye junction for six months”.

According to her, during the period of assisting them, she had two children by him.

When she got pregnant with the last born, the man asked him to abort the child but she refused. This led to the man abandoning her and the six children.

Narrating her plight, the 38-year-old said: “I was working to assist myself and my children but due to the operation with the sixth child am unable to work”.

Amid tears, the mother of six told crimecheckghana that looking at the starvation she and her children have to suffer, all five children having had to drop out of school because she does not have money for their books and little expenses and the worse of it all that they are ejected from their house because their rent is overdue.

When the aggrieved mother was asked of her need from crime check foundation, she said “I request for assistance to rent a place for me and my children. She needs educational support for her five unschooled children and a small container to sell food stuffs.

Nana Akua and her children are pleading with the general public to come to their aid.


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