/**/ Youths call for removal of Ayawaso North MCE Youths call for removal of Ayawaso North MCE

Youths call for removal of Ayawaso North MCE

A group calling themselves the Coalition of Ayawaso North Writers Association are calling for the immediate sacking of Mr. Mohammed Amin Zakaria, the municipal chief executive of Ayawaso North Municipal Assembly.
The Group was founded with the ultimate aim of re-imaging the newly created municipal and wiping the wrong cliché of the community, they called the home of the president.
Speaking in an interview, the spokesperson for the group Alhaji Amuda Kassim described the municipal chief executive as a dictator who is conniving with the security agencies, notable the Nima Police Station to bully, intimidate, harass  and arrest innocent people within the municipality.
 We don’t need him in the municipality, we therefore call on the president Nana Akufo Addo to swiftly sack MZ, he is naturally arrogant and don’t want to meet the people who have worked tirelessly to seat him. MZ is treating the community with threats as if we are all but criminals’ he said.
Alhaji Amuda recalled how a police patrol besieged an internet café and business center in Maamobi to arrest a group of young men including a 55 year old man who was photocopying his documents at the center, is that what we have voted for? He fumed.
According to the spokesperson of the group, MZ is working as if we are in a police state where civilian torture and brutalities by the security apparatus are the order of the day. 
We have been living in municipality throughout our lives and have never seen what he called a repressive and oppressive rule by the current municipal boss, Alhaji Amuda ascertained.
The group have threatened a demonstration and vowed not to vote for Akufo Addo and N.P.P should the president fail to show the exit door to MZ and appoint a more charismatic but man of the people at such a crucial constituency as we gradually match towards the 2020 general election, they rant.
Alhaji Amuda Kassim called on all and sundry to unite for the exit of MZ not in the interest of the party but the dignity of all people and the important community, he concludes.

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