/**/ Abraham Nlenkiba Writes Two Cultural Practises of Konkombas Abraham Nlenkiba Writes Two Cultural Practises of Konkombas

Abraham Nlenkiba Writes Two Cultural Practises of Konkombas

 This is very educative. It will interest you to know the following cultural practises of the people of Konkombas;

1. *Tipuchaln* what is tipuchaln? Tipuchaln is an incest taboo among Konkomba,when you are related to someone by blood and you are all males,if you the two should have sexual intercourse with one lady,it is believed that you the two cannot eat food together,if you do and your hands touch each other in the process of cutting the food,you will both become blind unless you are fortified spiritually against it.
Also,if two people who do not know each other,your rival should have sex with the same woman and mistakenly eat together whether knowingly or unknowingly, you can both become blind. when you become blind through this means,there is no cure for your blindness.
Also,if you and your blood relation or any other rival who both had sexual intercourse with the same lady and one of you falls sick,the other cannot visit him or else it is believe that you will trample the person dead.
The same way if two of you should have sex with the same woman when both are still alive, the two cannot visit any sick person together,if you do the sick person will die.
.In terms of war: It is believed that if you the two should go to war together,you may both be killed especially if you are related.
2.  *Jabun* what is Jabun? Jabun is a traditional spiritual power,that is used to protect people from being haunted by the spirit of a person who have murdered or when the spirit of the dead haunts you ,you can be protected.Jabun is also used to protect anybody who is haunted by evil spirits like Alasin.How is Jabun prepared? Jabun is prepared using uncountable herbs,some include:Tibin, Kikunchung,Corpse of a dead animal etc.only the people who have committed murder can drink Jabun with their left hand and it is traditionally forbidden to take food from anybody's left hand and eat because if the person has ever killed anybody and fortified with Jabun,you will be inflamed and die.Jabun is believed to be moving in the night and it is claimed that if you sleep in the room with Jabun,you can't sleep and a pregnant woman is not supposed to see Jabun or else your pregnancy will be aborted.
So when they are to sacrifice fowls to Jabun,one will hold one side and another holds one side and the words: "Aa pooipam,and another aamu pooi Pam" then they tear the fowl into two,the feathers are tied like a wrist watch and worn in the wrist to protect anybody who cannot or has not been present at the sacrificial place.

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Written by *Abraham Njonaan Nlenkiba*

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