/**/ 5 GJA members in China for training workshop 5 GJA members in China for training workshop

5 GJA members in China for training workshop

Thirty-three African journalists and musicians are undergoing a three-week training program in Beijing, China.

Five journalists who are members of the Ghana Journalists Association, including The Multimedia Group are representing Ghana in the training workshop.

Opening the program, the director of education and training of the Centre of the China International publishing group,DrZhoLijun, said there is an urgent need for the African media to play the lead role in promoting existing corporation between countries for needed development.

She said the media needs to play a responsible role in putting out useful information that would foster unity among their respective countries so as to attract investments to Africa.

According to DrZhoLijn, the media is the object of development, hence the need to be circumspect In their reportage and foster unity among the people as well as other countries.

She said China would continue to be a partner in development especially with the developing countries
Participants of the program include representatives from Ghana, Liberia,Uganda, Ethiopia, South Sudan and Gambia.
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